“Technoproect” proposes the conduct of activities, meant to enhance the economical functioning of the equipment, valid for most types of turbines, which are used at the power plants. We also perform calculation and design in the field of developing steam paths of the steam turbines to organize the selection, shifting to a different counter-pressure, increase in flow and capacity etc.

The developers of the proposed solutions, who have many years of experience in the field of power generation, work directly with us. Coming to us you bypass all the intermediaries and get maximum accurate information regarding the questions related to usage and reconstruction of equipment.

01. Preparation of technical specifications for modernization of steam turbine.

02. Modernization of the high-pressure cylinders of the steam turbine.

03. Modernization of medium-pressure cylinders of the steam turbine.

04. Modernization of low-pressure cylinders of the steam turbine.

05. Modernization of steam distribution system.

06. Application of highly air-tight seals for valve stems.

07. Modernization of cam-distribution gear (CDG).

08. Modernization of regulation valves.

09. Advancement of start-up circuit of turbine units.

10. Organization of thermal clamping and industrial mapping.

11. Organization of thermal clamping mapping from overflow pipes of MPC-LPC.

12. Modernization of overflow pipes of MPC-LPC excluding vapour treatment.

13. Actions to enhance the capacity of the turbine without changing the rotors.

14. Introduction of the system of exhaust cooling.

15. Modernization of condenser piping.

16. Modernization of turbines changing semi-flexible couplings with hard ones.

17. Modernization of turbine by shifting on 1 radial-thrust bearing.

18. Installation of filters on circulating pipelines.

19. Modernization of collection chambers (collectors).

20. Introduction of manual crank for STG.

21. Liquidation of salt residues.

22. Introduction of system of safety against abrasive wear and tear.

23. Technical (engineering) support for installation, repair and commissioning works.

24. Activities to increase oil supply to the thrust bearing pads.