About us

About us


The idea of creating an engineering centre, which could combine into itself the scientific thought of different technical schools from across the Soviet Union, was conceived in the end of the 8th decade of the 20th century. It was at this time that it became clear that the power generation sector was facing the problem of need for total renovation of equipment. It seemed possible thanks to the widespread use of computers and introduction of new methods of calculation (estimation) and designing. The hard for the former Soviet States decade of 90s, caused a delay in the implementation of this plan. And only in the period of stable development, which dawned in the 2000s, it became possible to plan and create projects, combining the best technical solutions of three leading Soviet Turbine Factories: Leningrad Metal Factory, Ural Turbo-motor Plant and Kharkov Turbine Factory.

Time does not stand still – with the availability of new generation of metal-processing unit, all the problems related to converting engineering ideas into metal just disappeared and the development of 3-D designing gave a new impulse to the creation of very new designs of power generation equipment.


The main field of activity for the company is the modernization of steam turbines. Depending on the volume of the task, development is carried out using internal resources, as well as the use of hiring project based employees.

To perform technically specific tasks we collaborate with unique and one of the kind experts. This approach enhances the efficiency and level of adopted solutions many fold.

Currently we perform designing of steam turbines, thermal exchange equipment, APCS (instrumentations and control), piping for turbine units, perform thermal, strength and gas-dynamic calculations (estimations), produce user manuals and technical specifications.


Director General CJSC Technoproect”
Gudkov Evgeny Nikolaevich

- “Department of steam and gas turbines” at Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (SPbSTU)
- Postgraduate studies at Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (SPbSTU)

- “Department of calculation of steam turbines” at Leningrad Metal Factory
- Department of Marketing of steam and gas turbines at Siemens, Berlin, Munich (Germany)
- Department of steam turbines at Engineering Centre “Energomash”, Saint-Petersburg
- CJSC “Teploenergoservis-Saint-Petersburg” – Director General

Chief Designer CJSC “Technoproect”
Gudkov Nikolay Nikolaevich

- Winner of Russian Government Award
- PhD Technical Sciences

Brief biography
For more than 30 years of work at Leningrad Metal Factory Gudkov N. N. worked his way up from engineer-designer, who took direct part in development of nearly all projects of steam turbines manufactured at LMF, to Chief Designer at SDB “Turbine” and Chief Designer of steam and gas turbines at JSC “LMF”.
Furhter on Gudkov N. N. worked as Service Director at JSC “Silovie Mashiny” and Chief Designer for Group of Companies “Teploenergoservis”. Tens of patents and certificates of authorship, hundreds of scientific articles and wide experience in designing power generation equipment are one of the guarantees of quality of the manufactured goods.

Scientific-research efforts (R&D)

One of the fields of the company’s activity is the permanent improvement of the steam turbine equipment. Within the framework of collaboration with main design and scientific research institutes we carry out large number of optimization calculations of the turbines steam paths and their structural elements. Lots of attention is paid to the estimation of steam distribution systems, thermal exchange equipment, pipelines, foundations, electrical circuits, control systems etc.